The Court of Cassation considered that there was a link of subordination between the courier and the Take Eat Easy platform, which is now closed. A first step against the drifts of uberization.

Will bicycle delivery men be employed soon?

Are bicycle delivery men employees like any other? For the first time, the Court of Cassation answered yes. It reclassified an entrepreneur courier as an employee of the company that employed him. A victory for the Autonomous Delivery Collective of Paris (CLAP). According to the courts, delivery people can be geolocated and sometimes sanctioned by the platforms in the event of misconduct. Two elements which show a link of subordination and justify an employee status.

A reassuring status

Youssef Arroub, a bicycle delivery student, prefers to keep his status as an entrepreneur to keep his freedom. “When I have free time, I work”, he explains. Another courier has the status of an employee. At 50, this status reassures him compared to that of autoentrepreneur, in particular to be able to benefit from Social Security. However, for the National Federation of Autoentrepreneurs, this does not mean that all employment contracts will be requalified because it would be nonsense.