It was a promise from Emmanuel Macron: to cut 50,000 civil servant positions by the end of his five-year term. But, in view of the first indications of the 2020 budget, the ambitions of the Head of State seem to be revised downwards.

State budget: savings forgotten?

Is the government loosening the purse strings? Public spending led by the state, which has been on the rise for three years, is expected to soar again next year and reach 267.5 billion euros. Even taking inflation into account, the increase is 0.5% in one year. For the right, the majority is not keeping its promise to reduce the state’s standard of living.

The executive will not cut 50,000 civil servant positions

The government is giving up the balance of our public finances. This has become a third zone priority contrary to what the government had announced during the first two years of the President’s five-year term.“, Deplores Eric Woerth, deputy Les Républicains de l’Oise. Emmanuel Macron is on the verge of abandoning two measures which were to ensure significant savings: the promise of the elimination of 50,000 civil servant posts is finally revised downwards. The lengthening of the contribution period for pensions should be reimbursed.