Instead of hiring, some companies now prefer to deal with self-employed people. France 3 takes stock of these abuses.

Self-entrepreneurship, a system victim of abuses

In recent years, rather than waiting for a job that did not come, many unemployed people have created their own by becoming self-employed. The problem, the device is now abused. The boss of Remi (who testifies at the microphone of France 3 with a covered face editor’s note) forces him to become a self-employed person in order to no longer pay charges. At 50, it is he who will pay them from now on.

“It is not interesting, because I am the one who pays my expenses after the famous barrier of 24,000 euros, they are quite high. I am not entitled to recoup my fees and will pay my taxes on the gross money. For me these are just flaws. On the other hand, for my employer, it is advantageous, because I am no longer a burden for him ”, estimates the employee.

An increasing trend

Rémi’s case is far from being an isolated case. More and more employees, especially the older ones, are being pushed to become self-employed. A situation which is denounced by the unions. In France, there are just under a million self-employed people.