After delivery men and drivers, it is now the turn of babysitters to adopt the system of self-entrepreneurship. France 2 therefore looked at this status, its advantages and disadvantages.

Self-employed: a really advantageous status?

Among the self-employed, we knew the delivery men, the drivers, the building trades… Now, baby-sitters are also getting started! If you have recruited yours on the internet, this may already be the case. By pretending to be a babysitter, the journalist from France 2 contacted agencies: several recommended this status to her, others demand it outright.

Who are the winners, who are the losers?

Paid € 14 net per hour, Anna, a young babysitter, is satisfied with her status. This is € 6 more than if she was an employee of the minimum wage. For her, the formula is ideal. For his agency, which requires the status of auto-entrepreneur, it is “all good”: total freedom, contracts that can be terminated at any time, no staff to manage and therefore savings.

With the status of auto-entrepreneur, no charges as with an employee. This is what makes it possible to increase the babysitter’s income without cutting back on the agency’s margin. However, the statute does not only have advantages: no right to unemployment, no supplementary pension and less advantageous health cover. So, to avoid disguised wage labor, the law has put in safeguards. Companies that abuse run the risk of having to reclassify the auto-entrepreneur as an employee.