The salaries of the big bosses are on the rise again. This is what the study by Proxinvest reveals. They would never have won so much.

Salaries: CAC 40 bosses treated well

Salaries that make you dizzy and continue to climb. The average salary of the big French bosses of the CAC 40 this year exceeded 5 million euros, or more than 14% increase. Bernard Charlès, CEO of Dassault Systèmes, is the highest paid boss. His annual salary for 2017 is 24.6 million euros. On the second step of the podium, Gilles Gobin, the founder of a company specializing in the storage and distribution of petroleum products, won more than 21.1 million euros. In third place is Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Renault and president of Nissan, with 13 million euros.

Sometimes unjustified increases

According to the firm Proxinvest, which carried out the survey, these salaries are unjustified. “You have bosses who are going to see their remuneration increase while the performance is very poor, for example at Technicolor”, underlines Loïc Dessaint, general manager of the research firm. These experts denounce the complacency of the boards of directors, responsible for validating these salaries.