“Renault is playing its survival,” declared the Minister of the Economy on Friday 22 May. For Fabien Gache, central CGT union delegate at Renault, Bruno Le Maire is in the process of “To validate”Renault relocations.

Renault's CGT central union representative, Fabien Gache, on February 22, 2019, in Le Mans.  (JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER / AFP)

While Renault must present a savings plan of two billion euros next week and that several sites of the group are threatened with closure in France, the Minister of the Economy said he wanted Renault to adjust its production facilities and not no factories closing. Statements by Bruno Le Maire that do not reassure “absolutely not” Fabien Gache, central CGT union delegate at Renault. “He is completely formatted in classic business software, he is incapable of hearing anything other than what the shareholders’ representatives ask him to do”, he regretted this Friday, May 22 on franceinfo.

The automotive group must however benefit from a loan of 5 billion euros from the State. “We think that we can make less margin but that we can make volume by rebalancing production volumes. We have shown that it is wrong to say that we cannot manufacture Clio, Sandero or Duster ”, explained Fabien Gache.

The CGT asks for “innovative” and “popular” vehicles

If things go on as they are “There will only remain the manufacture of large electric vehicles sold between 40 and 70,000 euros, which would only target a small part of the French population, and will not solve the environmental problem. We must orient choices towards innovative vehicles, in particular with the manufacture of a popular vehicle, to meet social needs in terms of jobs and industrial activities, but also to respond to environmental issues. ”

For Fabien Gache, Bruno Le Maire is in the process of “To validate” Renault relocations. “In a few years, more than 600 vehicles left France in terms of production. We lost 120,000 direct jobs linked to the activity of car manufacturers ”, did he declare.