The coronavirus crisis has hit the already fragile ready-to-wear sector. Tuesday, May 26, Camaïeu was placed in receivership.

Ready-to-wear: several brands in turmoil

Tuesday, May 26, the ready-to-wear group Camaïeu was placed in receivership. In all, nearly 4,000 people are employees of the company born in Roubaix in the North. The difficulties encountered by the brand, whose turnover fell by 95% during confinement, are a new example of the crisis in the ready-to-wear sector linked to the coronavirus. The list of weakened companies is “tvery long“, Insists the journalist Justine Weyl, on the set of 13 Hours.

Partial takeover offers for La Halle

There is La Halle, in the safeguard procedure since April. Even though seven takeover offers have already been received, they are only partial. At best, 502 out of 830 stores would be saved, leaving almost 2,200 employees without a solution. Another sign that is going badly: Naf Naf, in receivership since May 15. Two takeover offers under study for its 1,170 employees“, Adds the journalist.