Bike delivery men denounce a drop in the price of shopping decided by Deliveroo, one of the main players in the delivery of meals.

Precariousness: the anger of bicycle delivery men

No time to waste. Sushi must be delivered in twenty minutes, with many guidelines to follow. “You have to deliver quickly, otherwise you risk a bad grade. The route is imposed. If I do not follow Uber’s instructions, I will be penalized ”, explains a delivery man from Toulouse. He pedals to finance his studies, and it gets harder and harder. “I just finished my race. I did about 4 kilometers, I won 6.43 euros gross ”, he specifies. He does not have a fixed salary.

Delivery men go to court

Every day, he identifies himself on the platform, and waits. “We make ourselves available to Uber, then we wait in the rain, in the heat. Sometimes we wait two hours without making a delivery ”, he laments. There are more and more competitors. There are still the same number of orders, but the number of delivery people is much higher. The student believes that the platform benefits from the system. With several colleagues, he therefore approached a lawyer to claim an employment contract.