The 11,000 gas stations in France are not threatened for the moment. But the CGT calls for a total blockage of refineries from January 7 to 10.

Pension reform: a few refineries idling, the risk of shortage remote

The Grandpuits refinery (Seine-et-Marne) is idling on Tuesday, December 31. Since December 5, the start of the protest movement against the pension reform, shipments have been totally blocked and its production greatly reduced. Of the eight refineries in France, two are encountering difficulties. But the blockages do not affect the supply of gas stations in a major way for the moment. According to the Ministry of Ecological Transition, 98% of the 11,000 petrol stations have no difficulty, thus eliminating the risk of shortages.

The call for blockades by the CGT

However, the government reminds motorists that it is useless to rush to gas stations. To harden the movement and increase the pressure on the executive, the CGT calls to block all refineries from January 7 to 10.