The small traders of L’Aigle (Orne) need customers after two months of confinement and they make it known by taking over the famous song by Gloria Gaynor, “I Will Survive”.

Orne: merchants perform a song to encourage their customers to come and buy

On a video which has attracted tens of thousands of views, the traders of L’Aigle (Orne) are appealing to their customers. “There were parodies circulating on the internet about I Will Survive, I said to myself that it corresponded well to their state of mind ”, explains Stéphanie Ballay, author of the video.

A cry from the heart

“We went two months without making any figures or hardly any, so it was very difficult. Something had to be done to bring people back and that we could get out of it ”, specifies Maxime Henrich, president of the commercial union of L’Aigle. After two months of inactivity, L’Aigle traders lost on average between 60 and 70% of their turnover. More than a call for help, the traders of L’Aigle wanted to convey a message of hope, a cry from the heart for their profession and for their city.