Since confinement, with the craze for online shopping, scams have multiplied on the Internet. Sites are dangling high discounts on products of poor quality, presented as high-end.

Online business: scams are popping up on dropshipping sites

In full confinement, Clémence Dupas stumbles upon the advertisement of a brand that claims to sell its clothes cheaper, because it “Failed to survive this difficult time”. Faced with unbeatable promotions, the customer rushes to the site that offers so-called products “High quality”. But when she receives her T-shirt, paid 11 euros, he does not“Was not at all quality clothing, independent designer”, remembers Clémence Dupas. In fact, the same t-shirt is also offered on the site of a Chinese e-commerce giant, for less than five euros.

350 complaints for “dropshipping”

This deceptive commercial practice is a derivation of a legal practice, “dropshipping”, that is to say a purchasing system in which you order your product on a site without any stock, which is content to resell the product of a supplier by generating a margin. In total, 350 reports of complaints for “dropshipping” scams were reported in 2019 in France.

“When the breaches are minor, we get in touch with the dropshipping sites to have them rectify their legal information; there may be amicable arrangements. When it is more serious, it can be a criminal offense which can be transmitted to the prosecution ”, Explain Romain Roussel, from the Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control. Between the month of February and the month of April last, nearly 270 dropshipping sites have been reported to the authorities as suspicious.