A Jordanian jeweler has created a line of jewelry that is shaped like the Covid-19. These are very successful.

Jewelry in the shape of Covid-19

Green spheres spotted with white, crossed out by a red or pink acronym signifying the forbidden. Adbullah Sakijah is a designer jeweler from Amman, Jordan. He created multiple jewels in the shape of Covid-19. For the designer, the jewel calls for focusing on the positive, while Jordan has also experienced strict confinement of the population. “The whole world has gone through a difficult period, the coronavirus pandemic has been hard on everyone”, he recalls.

Recall solidarity

“It’s a negative memory but some families have come closer, people have appreciated the way their country has taken a stand for them: soldiers, medical personnel…”, he adds. Adbullah Sakijah wanted to create something to recall all this solidarity that existed during this time of crisis. The jewelry he made is snapped up, orders flow from Jordan, but also from the Gulf countries.