Fuel prices are soaring, gasoline is at its highest level since 2013. Motorists are rather resigned.

Gasoline: prices at their highest since 2013

With his garden business, Michel Dotta has no choice. Each week, he spends 15 minutes filling the cans for his machine tools. “We look for all the stations where it is the cheapest, we have to try to save money ”, he confides. This entrepreneur in Antibes (Alpes-Maritimes) who has five employees tracks expenses on a daily basis. Despite this, its fuel budget has dropped from € 450 to € 600 per month. “It’s enormous“, He sums up. At gas stations, prices at the pump are soaring. Diesel, the best-selling fuel, averages € 1.48. The same goes for unleaded 95. “It’s a bit expensive anyway“, Laments a user. Some use strategies, like this motorist who occasionally replaces the 98 by the 95.

The price of oil is soaring

The rise in fuel prices is directly linked to the surges in oil prices due to the US embargo on Iranian oil exports. Motorists take their troubles patiently.