All over the world, financial centers are in difficulty, in particular because of the generally tense geopolitical context.

Finance: worrying fall in the markets

All over the planet, the stock markets are screwing up. In Asia, the Japanese and Chinese financial centers ended the week down. America is no better: the NASDAQ, where new technology companies are listed, fell 10% in October. In Europe, the movement is logically confirmed. Over the same period, the Paris stock exchange lost 9.5%.

Geopolitical tensions at the root of the poor financial results

Black October, for certain titles in particular: Valeo (-38.5%), Michelin (-15%) are among the most affected. These results are linked to a context of geopolitical crisis on all continents: the Italian budget, the Brexit negotiations, the trade war between the United States and China … This sudden drop raises fears of a slowdown in global growth before a possible financial crisis. Monday, October 29, at the opening of the stock exchanges, each jolt will be scrutinized with attention and nervousness.