The government will raise the ceiling for authorized turnover. Craftsmen denounce competition that they consider unfair.

Employment: a boost for self-employed entrepreneurs

This is a new gesture from the government for self-employed people. They will be able to benefit longer from this status and its reduced charges. The goal: that they no longer hesitate to develop their activity.

Today, a self-employed person in the service sector must not exceed 32,900 euros in turnover, otherwise he loses his status and his tax advantages. With the reform, it will be able to keep this status for two more years, within the limit of 64,000 euros in turnover.

Craftsmen also want lighter loads

This boost makes the craftsmen angry. This is the case with Hervé Weber, hairdresser in Strasbourg. He feels overwhelmed by the charges: “Competition is fine, but it has to be fair or so we too have to lighten our burdens“, Explains the hairdresser.

For auto-entrepreneurs, this law is a step in the right direction, but it is not sufficient, because at first, the government had mentioned even more advantageous measures.