Catherine Demangeat deciphers Emmanuel Macron’s announcements on set following his press conference on Thursday, April 25.

Emmanuel Macron's press conference: milestones and inflections to note

For five months, the government has been under pressure from the “yellow vests” movement, which forced Emmanuel Macron to set up the great national debate of which he unveiled the result and the measures that go with a month before the European elections May 26. But for the head of state, the game is not yet won. “Indeed, the reactions are mixed to say the least.“, Explains journalist Catherine Demangeat on the set.

Emmanuel Macron shows that he delegates

He did not overturn the table, as his advisers had suggested. More than concrete measures, it gave orientations, with load for the government to implement them. It’s a way for Emmanuel Macron to also show that he delegates“, Notes the journalist. The latter notes several gestures in favor of retirees, including the reindexation of pensions to inflation.