According to them, the British company forces them to accept long journeys, less profitable, causing them to lose up to 50% of their remuneration.

Deliveroo couriers are calling for the return of the minimum rate, removed by the new rate schedule (illustration).  (DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS / AFP)

The rumble of bicycle couriers continues. Deliveroo deliverers have been blocking deliveries from the platform to regions for several days and depending on the Collective of autonomous deliverers of Paris, Friday August 2, a national strike is in preparation. In Nice, Toulouse, Tours or even Besançon, occasional strikes and restaurant blockages have already taken place this week to protest against the decision of the British company to lower the prices of the shortest races and to increase that. long races. The latter are often neglected by delivery people, because they are not very profitable.

Deliveroo defends its new price list, which would offer “Better, fairer pricing”. On the delivery side, it is estimated that it aims to “Force delivery people to take long races”, resulting in a drop in remuneration of 30 to 50% for deliverers.

With 10,000 partner restaurants in 200 cities, the French market is the second for Deliveroo, after the British market. The rapid development of the meal delivery sector is accompanied by many criticisms of the precariousness of jobs and the working conditions of delivery men.