Deconfinement was eagerly awaited by non-food businesses which can finally reopen to the public. If the respect of barrier gestures was rather easy to implement, attendance is far from satisfactory.

Deconfinement: disappointing frequentation in shops

Plants and bouquets have returned to the sidewalks, but not all customers have returned to the florists. Visor on the head, Carlos Mourao, florist, offered promotions to attract passers-by. If the post-containment had started rather well, its sales then fell sharply. “Initially, a large number of people came so we worked very well. And for the past week, we’ve had about 30% less attendance“, He laments.

A 30% drop in sales

One reason: Her customers think twice before they go out and make a purchase. “I think we finally got used to the confinement. You have to take back the desire to go out, to move“, Explains a passerby. Result: according to the confederation of traders, sales fell by 30% on average.