With the confinement, florists got more supplies in France, to the delight of French horticulturalists.

Containment: florists are getting more supplies in France

Good news for the horticultural industry. While May 1, usually synonymous with significant sales, was disastrous in terms of turnover, because of France then confined, the period of deconfinement saw an increase in demand for flowers made in France. With the closure of European countries and the greater place taken by short circuits over the past two months, many florists have changed their supply.

A gesture of solidarity

By force of circumstances, we were also so happy to resume the activity and in addition with the French flower, it also marked the approach a little, in support of the producers, too, who have suffered a lot.“, Explains a florist. While prices are often more expensive, customers are well aware that buying French is also a gesture of solidarity.