On probation in Japan, Carlos Ghosn fled to Lebanon on Monday evening, December 30. The former CEO of Renault reportedly used a private plane from Turkey.

Carlos Ghosn: under house arrest, the former CEO flees Japan and joins Lebanon

The deposed boss of Renault and Nissan has fled to Lebanon. Monday evening, December 30, Carlos Ghosn, under house arrest in Japan, managed to flee to his country of origin. “I did not flee from justice, I freed myself from the injustice of political persecution”, justified the businessman Tuesday in a press release. In November 2018, the former CEO was arrested on charges of financial embezzlement. For the Japanese justice who had confiscated his passports, it is a real snub. If the conditions of this leak remain unknown, according to the Lebanese media, Carlos Ghosn would have left Japan in a private plane towards Turkey, then Lebanon.

No extradition agreement between Japan and Lebanon

How could he escape the vigilance of the authorities and break his judicial control? The Japanese immigration services say they have no information on this departure. Carlos Ghosn’s lawyers say they heard the news on television. There is no extradition agreement between Japan and Lebanon. The former boss should therefore escape his four indictments and his trial in April 2020.