Huge twist in the Carlos Ghosn affair. The former Renault-Nissan boss left Japan to flee to Lebanon on the evening of Monday, December 30.

Carlos Ghosn: an incredible flight to Lebanon

All eyes are on Tuesday, December 31, to an elegant house in Beirut (Lebanon). According to the Lebanese press, Carlos Ghosn and his wife have been staying there since their arrival the day before, after an incredible flight that takes Japan and France by surprise. In a brief press release, the deposed Renault-Nissan boss, accused of financial embezzlement, is justified: “I did not run away from justice. I freed myself from injustice and political persecution ”.

Passports yet confiscated

Carlos Ghosn would have left Japan in a private plane, bound for Turkey, then Lebanon. So how did Japan’s most famous indictment escape the vigilance of the authorities when he had been under house arrest since April 2019 in a district of Tokyo? How was he able to pass customs controls when the courts had confiscated his three passports? No passenger in his name has left Japan according to the immigration services.