Live on the France 2 set, Jean-Paul Chapel compares the salaries of traders, then observes the differences between employees and self-employed.

Who wins the most among traders? According to an INSEE study, it is first and foremost pharmacists, with an average monthly salary of 7,830 euros net per month.

“All other categories are well below”, specifies Jean-Paul Chapel. “Wholesalers: 2,260 euros per month. Food trades: 2,220 euros per month. Some traders earn less than that: in cars, mechanics earn 1,880 euros per month, and in retail businesses such as food or clothing, 1,670 euros per month. ”

The self-employed often top up

While the number of auto-entrepreneurs is on the rise, they are not necessarily the winners from a financial point of view. “If we compare them to other traders and their 2,300 euros per month, autoentrepreneurs only earn 320 euros per month, the journalist notes. Be careful, it is often an additional income in addition to an activity, in the markets or remotely, for example by telephone or Internet. ”