A year after authorizing the United States to impose surcharges on European products, the WTO authorizes Europeans to retaliate.

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It has been 16 years since Boeing and Airbus, and through them Brussels and Washington, clash before the WTO, justice of the peace of world trade. In question the public aid paid to the two aircraft manufacturers deemed illegal by the two parties. There had already been a first conviction against the United States in 2006 with 4.5 billion dollars never claimed by the EU. In 2019, Brussels was sentenced to 7.5 billion. On Tuesday, October 13, the WTO authorized the European Union to overtax US imports for $ 4 billion.

Boeing worse off than Airbus

Before the crisis, Airbus delivered 60 A320s per month, today 24. Before its troubles and the Covid-19, Boeing delivered 52,737 per month, today none. The prospect of the imminent return to flight of the 737, grounded for more than a year, could encourage the Americans to negotiate.