More than 4 million French people receive the activity bonus. A rising figure: this is one of the consequences of the yellow vests crisis.

Activity bonus: more and more beneficiaries

She hopes for good news. Maria Lima-Gonçalves is a housekeeper on a permanent contract, with a salary of around 1,200 euros per month. She wants to know if she is entitled to the activity bonus. After a few seconds, the verdict falls: she will receive 219 euros per month. Like her, more and more households are entitled to the activity bonus: 4.10 million households benefited from it in August 2019, i.e. 1 million more than in the first quarter of the year.

2.2 billion euros

Emmanuel Macron increased the amount of this bonus and widened the number of beneficiaries at the start of the year. “I repeated the request because it is always a plus to bring to his salary ”, underlines Antoine Jamet, shoemaker who has been retouching the employment premium for a few months, when it had been removed at first because his salary had increased. The amount paid to beneficiaries of the employment bonus now stands at 2.2 billion euros.